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Stuck On Stupid?


1-      You can fool some of the people some of the time! (quote from P.T. Barnum)

2-      You can fool some of the people all of the time! (No need to go further.)

3-      Stuck On Stupid! Devoted to Dumb!

A Texas Judge states on television that if Pres. Obama gets elected then there could be Civil War! If a person told me this, I would have said I don’t believe it. I saw it myself. What is a Judge doing violating Judicial Ethics appearing in partisan politics? What is this same Judge doing posting pictures claiming they are criminals all wearing an Obama T-shirt? What is a Supreme Court Justice, Scalia, doing appearing on a TV show? (We know the Supreme Court made ethics requirements for lower courts and exempted them, Supreme Court Justices.)

What is a Senator doing trying to claim there is a different kind of rape, one called legitimate? What is the Vice Presidential Candidate doing co-signing several Bills over a period of years proposed in Congress trying to separate rape to another category called “legitimate rape”?

What would be the reason to state the possibility of Civil War if Pres. Obama gets elected? Try to keep Obama voters to stay home and ensure others vote for Romney? Where are the ethics violation charges kicking this Judge out of his position? Saying “I’m sorry” is far from enough in this case.

Corporate “coup d’etat” of our government, the insurance companies, hospitals, physician associations all stand to gain money from such claims of “legitimate rape”. One political party continues to say, they would not vote for a Bill because it is a “windfall” to trial-lawyers. What kind of money trial lawyers would make to separate a woman who has been raped between what is legitimate and what is not legitimate? Now the lies come saying rape is rape. One ex-Vice Presidential Candidate is not getting her way in separating a definition of rape.

People are falling off the edge of the “Flat Earth”! How can I be a member of “Soldiers For Peace International” and keep my mouth shut on this topic? Some Judge is “Stuck On Stupid”!

Which group are some people in? Number 1, 2 or 3 above? With the corporate media, informing people of “The Truth” is more difficult. Lies, a lie of omission is still a lie, omitting the truth, has reached new levels of LOW, lack of integrity, ethics and just plain honesty.

“ALL POLITICIANS LIE”, and since when is that acceptable to you? If you accept a politician who is a proven liar, then what does that say about YOU who voted for him? Are you part of group #1, #2 and/or #3 above? Maybe the YOU as an individual have a substantial lack of integrity, ethics and just plain honesty? Being ignorant is something that can be corrected!

One news, or maybe could be called news, station had some expert with a title claiming voting is a privilege. Does he fit into group #1, #2 and/or #3, or is he a whore saying whatever he is paid to say? Sorry for the rude or shocking language, but it fits. We ALL know that your vote is your Right, not only your Right but your Responsibility!

I have tried not to make this post partisan politics, careful of wording. Such a requirement is becoming more difficult to adhere to. I will be up-front with everyone, I will lie about my age and my weight. Why? Because I have heard so many women lie about those two topics and I demand my Equal Rights! Otherwise, you will not hear a falsehood from me, not once and I do not care what anyone thinks in agreement or not. You do not like the truth? Shame on you! Posted by Paul Winger


Do You Know People Who Are Fool #1 or #2?



Please imagine IF a Constitutional Amendment stating corporations are not people, artificial or otherwise, and corporations are excluded from any electoral/political activity, including financial, involvement in our government.

Corporations are NOT people! Have you noticed that the only individuals who claim corporations ARE people have a personal stake to their welfare or finances for the continued practice of the artificial personhood status of corporations? These are millionaires who have a need to stash money in off-shore accounts where the U.S. cannot find out what those people have in those accounts.

I received a phone call (August 13th) from my son to check out a news story announcement. Herman Cain of Godfathers Pizza says people will have to pay $0.14 (14 cents) more for a pizza if the Obama Health Care plan went into effect. They heard the announcement over the radio, while the rest of his work-crew laughed sarcastically “As if 14 cents is going to kill us and isn’t worth it.” I asked him to think about the “Big Picture” of the message. A fool who falls into item number 1 or 2 above, would say we cannot tax the wealthy or big corporations because they will pass the cost onto us, who cannot afford it. How about all those who stopped buying pizza some time ago, they can’t afford it. Next, a corporation making $1 Billion profit a year could not settle for $950 Million? A wealthy CEO making $100 Million a year cannot do just as well on $90 Million? Why does the expense have to be laid at the middle-class and poor? Have you just figured out the signal that was sent you? Yes, the big corporations have been lacking the proper regulation, so the corrupt gouge those who can least afford it. The wealthy multi-millionaire simply cannot do without his total $100 Million a year.

Why is it that the CEO’s in these U.S. are paid about 300 to 3000 times (depending upon who you quote) the average pay of their worker? Other countries around the world CEO pay ranges from 3 to 30 times the pay of their average worker.

Why is it that when we give tax breaks to the wealthy the financial accounts at the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Switzerland increase drastically?

In your small community or city, what if all that money the wealthy, Super PAC’s, big corporations are spending on political campaigns and ads was spent on your community to the Food Bank, Job Corps, alternative energy, roads/bridges/a national electrical grid? We could even pay off our national debt! The wealthy look upon you as ants on the road, according to former candidate Rick Santorum. Why is your vote being restricted? I was taught in school, correctly, your vote is not only your right, it is your responsibility! Today, I heard a “pundit” say voting is a privilege. If you believe that which group do you belong in, # 1 or 2 above?

Would you consider the following idea as the biggest tax break you could ever receive if all the money corporations spend on political campaigns and Lobbying efforts was ended BY-LAW directed to take the saved money off of your mortgage, credit cards, loans, student loans, gasoline and other services? An average middle-class family would have hundreds extra each month.

An advantage to having a degree in Criminal Justice is the continued efforts of our law enforcement to solve crimes of some major Felons. Law enforcement follows the money trail and to financial accounts in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda or even Switzerland the trail goes cold due to international law. Congress and the State Department refuse to negotiate access to review these accounts. Why? Big corporate, and wealthy influential people keep their money in such places. Nice company to keep with Organized Crime and dirty corporations.  By Paul Winger


I wrote “Congress is the Enemy” and I have to ask the question, who is behind Congress?

Those in Congress (when I say Congress I mean both Houses of Congress, Senate and Representatives) walk a fine line. Legislation to be written to either enforce/expand the rights of their constituents while still leaving loopholes that will not hurt their best friends, corporate people giving to their campaign.

Pick any topic in Congress you want, and corporate interests are behind pulling the strings of the elected official(s).
Please allow me to say, I have personally met people in Congress that are honest, a deep-deep desire to do the right thing for their constituents and corporate interests that conflict with that of the betterment of constituents, then corporate interests are ignored every-time. Unfortunately, those in Congress I refer to in this paragraph are the clear minority.

If you think “All Politicians Lie”, you also need to ask yourself what is behind such lying. Would the U.S. public deliberately vote for liars? Do you wonder why “ethics” and “critical thinking” is taught in our schools today? Integrity issues were not necessary to be taught in school in my day, such was taught at home. I do not want to sound like some “old guy” boasting how my generation is so much better than any other, younger generation. The people I have seen as “bold faced liars” on CSPAN have a bit a gray hair, from my generation. I have been in the “behind closed doors” meetings when corporate representatives were giving orders to elected officials on what is their position. Weak spine fools!

Dylan Ratigan did a fairly good job in his book “Greedy Bastards”. I have so much that I could say who this came from, quotes of some terrible (so terrible are near unthinkable) words, but I do not and will not say who such a statement came from, that is called integrity. Dylan, in the front portion of your book you state “off the record” then not only repeated what was said but also the name of the person who said it “off the record”. I think you missed a sentence there Dylan; the sentence that the person authorized you to release such.

I do agree with so much Dylan wrote in his book (BTW the first engine was invented in Europe in 1806 and it ran off hydrogen, another correction) he is a knowledgeable person with some good advice. I especially like to the end of the book that a Constitutional Amendment must be accomplished by many of us. There is no single group that should even have the desire to “carry the flag” as if “they” did this.

Corporations created and sold a herbicide to the military that kills organic matter. People are organic. The herbicide is called Agent Orange. Yes, when used turned the area into like a moonscape. What do you think Agent Orange was doing to the bodies of soldiers exposed to this herbicide? Why did it take so much to force our Legislative, our government, finally admit they did something wrong with the use of Agent Orange? Why did it take so much to change the VietNam “Police Action” to be called a “War”? Please consider this response, because they, corporations our government, does not care about us in the least, when compared to money for a corporation! Do you think the U.S. has learned their lesson? I say No! In support of my conclusion is something called “Poison Dust”. Radioactive material used because the uranium can go through anything. Left behind is poison, radioactive material that is all over the dust and ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. Like Agent Orange, the Poison Dust has been killing our own soldiers. Then soldiers are having deformed babies as a result of Poison Dust. The corporations are getting rich from government money, our own government is denying everything, until YOU rise and lend voice to thought, again they will never learn. I guarantee you money is more important than you. Remember, another form of corruption, our government says corporations are people and not property.
If I had the space to go into fraking, we would have another issue to blame corporations/government.
Posted by Paul Winger

Congress Is Not Your Friend

CONGRESS IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! Corporate Puppets are clearly the majority in both Houses in Congress. Think about it and ignore what they say (the Founding Fathers intended us NOT TO BELIEVE anything Congress says, rather investigate them force the truth). Find out yourself!

Pundits = Pun (joke or funny) + dits = village idiot. So why is anyone listening to Pundits? There are more “whores” in politics than you can find walking the street, they will say whatever they are paid to say.

Who are the job creators? You, middle class America! Tell me one business that can survive without customers? Corporate media says tax the wealthy, see prices raised on everything. NEWS FLASH – They are going to raise prices regardless. Who do you think is going to re-fill the pockets of the wealthy to reimburse them for the millions they are giving to our electoral/political system? They are going to want their money back, from you! You! Have you forgotten price-freeze Presidential Executive Order from Nixon? Do you even remember school, where the first permanent income tax came from? What were the progressive tax rate schedules? We have so much unemployment directly due to the people telling you not to tax the wealthy, they are the ones sending jobs overseas!

Common sense! My Senators Kyl & McCain have been saying for years, they have statistics to show sending jobs overseas increases jobs in U.S., lies! Numbers lie as much as politicians, will say whatever who is paying for the statistics want it to say. Common sense tells you that U.S. people cannot buy anything if they have no job to earn money so they can buy since their job is now overseas! My Senators are not reminding people of their prior position, overseas jobs.

There are people in Congress that are honest and have a sincere respect and self-imposed duty to do the best they can for the people in their C.D. or State. Unfortunately, they are the minority. If these elected-officials in either House of Congress are so intelligent and sincere about their duty to represent their constituents, then why do we have to be so politically active to FORCE them to do the right thing? Make laws based upon moral issues? A Constitutional Amendment to do the right thing?

Politics in D.C. has nothing to do with you OUTSIDE OF ELECTION season. You are not suppose to remember what they did when they were supposes to be voting on your behalf. Winning an election has nothing to do with telling the truth, rather telling you what you want to hear. Do you want to hear a Candidate tell you the way you think is wrong? I do! I want to hear a Candidate tell me he will not release his taxes so he can be better vetted for the position in-which he is trying to be elected to. Especially when, I have to release my back taxes just to be vetted by a bank who wants to give me a loan. Remember President Reagan who gave tax-breaks to the wealthy and we changed from an industrial based country to a service based country. High paying industrial jobs to being a maid at a hotel or raking smooth sand-traps at a golf course all at a fraction of the pay. To pay for the tax cuts on the wealthy Congress “stole” retirement from Civil Service retirees (they called it the W.E.P.).

The same people who say they are so concerned about farmers/ranchers, taxes upon the middle-class and poor, are the same people who just left their jobs in Congress doing nothing! The entire history of our country has not seen such obstruction, inert Congress ever! More Filibusters in the Senate than the history of the country, combined! Historically, a budget, a bill submitted that originated through the President, both Houses of Congress tried to do something with the Bill to get it to pass. No longer! If a President cannot get anything through Congress, then he has nothing to brag about come election time. So you can die, they don’t care.

Next time you hear someone talking about the current economy being so bad, you say “Filibuster” and “The House of Representative left us all hanging and went on another vacation”.

Corporate Puppets!

Trust Big Corporations & Wealthy?

QUOTE: “The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity.” – President Abraham Lincoln


I call it the “GREAT TRADE OFF” in 1913 the first permanent income tax law was implemented, progressive with over 90% tax on the wealthy. Corporate and wealthy control of our government got what they wanted “as a trade”. A law was enacted in 1913 establishing the Federal Reserve, that is not “Federal” at all, rather is private banks who dictate to us, our government. The Federal Reserve establishing law came from a corrupt interpretation of our Constitution stating the government can “coin” money. All knew that meant ALL money, but corruption interpreted as ONLY making “coins”.

Now we pay huge amounts of interest of tax money, we would otherwise receive. See, less taxes and more control of “We the People…” over our government. A few years of the private banker GREED and we found ourselves in what is known as the “GREAT DEPRESSION”. President FDR and the Congress then passed laws implementing regulations upon the private banking system.

A corrupt government has since removed and weakened the regulations placed upon the private Federal Reserve banks, a little at a time. Lack of regulation and GREED and CORRUPTION has given us the “GREAT RECESSION”.


“The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments.” President George Washington


“I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country… Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.” — Abraham Lincoln, 1864 “Quote from a Republican who was a Liberal.”

Posted by Paul Winger